Tuesday, 2 January 2007

A new layout for Ormesby Hall


The team have started a new project, thanks to Hornby and Model Depot.

A new layout has begun, thanks to Hornby who donated all the track and skaledale buildings, the Ormesby Hall volunteers have started to build a North Eastern branchline OO gauge layout, although completely ficitious the intention is to have the feel of a typical North Eastern station.

We have not settled on a period yet but the 1960's looks favourite at the moment.

The layout will be portable, and in order to make it a light as possible, syrofoam has been used for the base boards, the styrofoam is normally used for insulation and is 52mm thick, it is denser than polystyrene and considerably stronger.

The end to end layout is 17 feet long in total, with 11 feet being scenic, built in 3 sections 3 feet long and 2 sections 4 feet long, the layout is designed to bolt together in to 2 pieces for easy transport in 2 cars.

Recently a very generous offer from Model Depot of a Hornby Select DCC controller, means the layout will be DCC, since none of our group have any DCC experience it promises to be a learning curve for all.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Here are some photographs of our layouts. the first 3 are Cofre Castle, the next 3 are Pilmoor and the last 3 Thomas.

Corfe Castle station viewed from the operators side.

The Church.

An aerial view of the viaduct and village area.

Pilmoor Station, viewed from the operators side, with the local service just arriving.

Pilmoor is junction station on the East Coast Mainline.

The Coronation as it passes through the station.

Percy and Toby shunting in the yard.

Always popular with the younger visitors, this push button layout is easy for the children to operate them selves.

Gordon departing from the station.
We have just started to build a new layout, which has only been possible thanks to a generous donation from Hornby. The layout to be called "Skaledale" TM. uses all of the new North Eastern Railway buildings that Hornby now produce.
As the layout develops, photographs will appear on this blog.

Friday, 8 December 2006

In the beginning

This is the unofficial Ormesby Hall Model Railway Group site.

We are a group of volunteers who operate and maintain a model railway exhibition at the National trust property, Ormesby Hall, Middlesbrough. see www.nationaltrust.org.uk

The exhibition has been running for 12 years now, we have 3 permanant layouts based at the hall and 2 portable layouts that we take to local events. the building of one of thses layouts has just begun and you will be able to see it develop through this blog.

The permant layouts are ;

Pilmoor based on the East Coast Mainline near Thirsk, this layout has been built from scratch by our team.

Corfe Castle donated to The National Trust by the late Ron Rising, this wonderfully scenic layout represents 35 years modelling by just one man, worth a visit in its own right.

Thomas, a push button layout for the younger generation, built by the volunteers as part of The National Trust Year of The Child.

We are open to the public every weekend and bank holidays from 17 March to 4 November 2007. Opening hours 1.30pm-5pm.